August 29, 2022

Field for largest ever NESS cash-prize purse set

Qualifying for one of the largest cash-prize purses in the history of amateur water skiing is complete. Check out the final season standings of the 2022 Northeast Slalom Series here.

Saturday, Sept. 3, at Pangaea the top 12 adults will battle it out for a cash-prize purse that is expected to be nearly $5,000. The top-4 seeds will receive automatic bids to the head-to-head evening finals, while seeds 5-12 will compete against each other (based on handicap scores) during Saturday’s first round to see who grabs the final four spots in the 8-skier finals. Each skier who advances to the head-to-head finals will win at least $100, with the top-four finishers at the end of the event divvying up the cash-prize purse.

The top-4 juniors in the season standings will face off for trophies and bragging rights.

Final brackets featuring the head-to-head matchups will be released later this week.