Northeast Slalom Series

2021 NESS finals field set

With the final stop of the 2021 Northeast Slalom Series in the books (VT States results here), the field for the Sept. 4 head-to-head finals at Pangaea is set. Here are the brackets: ADULTS1) Dan Warner 110.75 (2.75@39)8) Zach Carpenter 93.5 (3.5@35) 2) Becky Bartlett 84 (6@28)7) Justin Campfield 95.25 (5.25@35) 3) Dana Hinman 103 […]

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3 2021 NESS events down, 2 to go

With three Northeast Slalom Series events in the books and only two more qualifiers left to go, Dan Warner leads the adult division, with Becky Bartlett and Dana Hinman close behind. Aaron Bartlett and Zoe Carpenter are tied atop the season junior division standings, with Tia Byrne only 20 points behind. Click here to see […]

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Announcing the 2021 Northeast Slalom Series

The seven-stop, four-state 2021 Northeast Slalom Series will kick off July 3rd and conclude with head-to-head, cash-prize finals on Sept. 4th at Pangaea. View the full series schedule here. The series will once again feature two divisions of competition – Adults and Juniors – using NOPS points to level the playing field among speeds and […]

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Pochini and Byrne crowned 2020 NESS Champs

Shannah Pochini and Tia Byrne won the 2020 Northeast Slalom Series titles in the adult and junior divisions, respectively, during the finals held Sept. 5th at Pangaea Puddle in Canajoharie, NY. By beating defending champion Skip Hommel in the final round, Shannah became the first No. 1 seed to earn the win and the first […]

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NESS Finals nearly set with one stop to go

With only one stop left in the 2020 Northeast Slalom Series, the field for the finals, to be held Sept. 5th at Pangaea, is nearly set. Click here for the updated season standings. Following the conclusion of Saturday’s Tom Costello/Alan Rossi Vermont State Championships, the top eight adults and four juniors in the season standings […]

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Pochini and Byrne in NESS lead with 3 stops to go

With three stops to go in the 2020 Northeast Slalom Series, Shannah Pochini and Tia Byrne have opened up substantial leads in the adult and junior divisions, respectively. See the complete standings here. The final three stops in the series are the Oswegatchie Digger Dog 20 (Aug. 22, Ogdensburg, NY), Dubes Pond Classic XXXI (Aug. […]

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